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rubber and plastic products in Cavite




James Polymers Manufacturing is dedicated to achieving excellence in plastic injection molding and rubber compression molding processing in the industry by providing quality, service, and competitive pricing to our customers.

We aim to be internationally competitive in the world market by setting milestone that will open a door of opportunities which will be wholly embraced and accepted by the international market and linger the eyes of Filipinos that we can also be a great leader in our own simple ways.

We aim to support long-term economic growth and progress in the regions where we operate, as well as caring for the environment and ensuring sustainable use of natural resources.


Achieve a profitable and growth-oriented organization satisfying its employees, customers and community through continual improvement.



All employees are made aware of the environmental protection activities, development and sustainability on environmental management system and commitment to continual improvement activities through the development of environmental performance evaluation, procedure and associated indicators.

James Polymers clearly identifies and complies with legal requirements such as laws and regulations, regional ordinances and agreements to be observed, and other requirements, objectives and tagets by interested parties.

As a result of having identified the outstanding environmental issues of our company, objectives and targets have been given to the following activities.

1. Energy Conservation 

2. Control of Hazardous Waste

3. Reduction of Non-conforming Products

The environmental management system documents and their usage will be communicated to all employees through education programs.



In the world of service and manufacturing product, people recognized things that are more reliable, dependable, and other characteristics, which leads to "SATISFACTION THRU QUALITY".

We believe that quality is the degree of excellence and distinguishable attribute marked by ingenuity thru innovative and conceptualize ideas done by style and compassion.

James Polymers aims and recognizes that value of customer satisfaction done by obsession, consistency and care backed up by trust, vision, and confidence made by the supply of products to an assured level of quality.

The company is committed to achieve the following objectives for quality: to maintain and continuously improve the quality of our products and services; improve the quality of our own operations so as to meet continually all our present customers and future one's or implied needs; provide confidence to management and employees to ensure that the requirements for quality are being fulfilled and maintained, and that qualify improvement takes place; provide trust and assurance to our valued customers and other stakeholders that the requirement for quality are being, or will be achieved in the delivered product or service; meet the needs through innovative and constructive ideas that can nurture new ways and techniques in applying quality at an instant.

That is why our company sees to it that sufficiently trained and educated people manned its operation in our quality system. It carries out meeting with its people in order to get their opinion and ideas on how to improve our operation at its optimal level Periodical evaluation is also conducted with emphasis on controlled waste generation and improved production.

The quality and reliability on our product reflects the commitment and responsibility of each and everyone. In the end, procedures covering all aspects for areas affecting quality will be developed and adhered to all times. Provisions will be made out for any quality problems arising to be solved with accurateness and finesse. The procedures used in the program are to be kept continuously under the review and techniques are to be improved whenever and wherever necessary.

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